Cotton muslin bag

Our perfume roll-on bottles are easy to bring anywhere you go. You can put the bottle in your make-up pouch and use it whenever you feel like. 

But sometimes you want to carry only a couple of items like lipstick and a roll-on perfume. They are enough to make you feel careful and feminine. I am this kind of person. So I carried my lipstick and perfume bottle in a pocket of my bag. Then I had a problem. There are lots different things in the pocket too and I had to mess up everything to find my perfume or lipstick. :(

That's why I decided to accompany our perfume bottles with small cotton muslin bags. The bag is tiny and weighs light but it is enough big to contain a perfume and a lipstick or a travel sized mascara etc. I can easily find it in the dark bottom of a pocket or a bag.

The bag is made of unbleached cotton which goes well with our eco-conscious natural perfume.

I think a bag of perfume oil could be a eco-friendly gift for someone you care. Contact us if you would like to get our perfume :)