Herbal fragrance - Rooibos tea

I have once lived in South Africa and enjoyed rooibos tea everyday there for almost three years. This plant Rooibos, meaning red bush in English, grows and lives only at some specific areas in Western Cape. It seems lots of tentatives of rooibos plantation ended in failure in other areas even with the similar conditions of climate, soil, etc. Strange isn't it ?

Nowadays you can find rooibos tea in many countries. The tea is very popular as a healthy drink due to its various antioxidants and no caffein. Besides these benefits, I really like the dry and earthy scent of rooibos that reminds me this plant solidly and firmly living in a poor land by itself. I feel kind of the power of nature with this scent.

Recently I discovered this Organic African Sunset by Two leaves tea company. This organic tea is made of whole rooibos leaves with lemon and lemongrass. Usually I don't care for rooibos blend tea but this blend is so balanced that I really like it. Rooibos's astringent flavor mixes well with a hint of fresh citrus acidity. I like the clear individual packaging too. You can see through the package the whole dried fine leaves which makes you imagine the precious rooibos bush, another South african diamond.