Lemon - Today's featured EO

I like working with lemon for cooking and for creating perfume, of course.

One of the most familiar and popular aromas, lemon essential oil has a cheerful and uplifting character. This fresh, sharp, bitter and sweet aroma could purify the exhausted mind and worn-out emotion then lead to a pleasant moment where there is nothing to worry about.

While this citrus EO is famous with its intellectually stimulating, refreshing, clearing and sharping effects, I am rather interested in its ability of recalling the inner child we all have and hide at the bottom of the heart. Once a while, we need to wake up our inner child then enjoy the instant moment, don't we ?  Lemon EO is helpful for that.

This sour-sweet aroma evoke your bitter and tender childhood memories. You don't feel nostalgic but you feel like to play, laugh and be happy like a kid as you were. Lemon EO is delightful and fun. So It is understandable that kids usually love this aroma too.

In my perfume line, lemon EO is used for  遊 Playful. In the back of the fruity note coming from Peach and Pineapple, the hint of lemon aroma is just right there. Insouciant, it floats around.