New perfume oil for moms "Mom & me"

I'm a mom of a 6 year-old son. I used to love wearing commercial perfumes before he was born. Then I decided not to wear any perfumes. As usually perfume makers don't disclose their ingredients, I didn't want to put on my skin anything that I don't know what actually is made of as I breastfed and carried my son close to my body. 

I know that there are lots of mothers of young kids who hesitate to wear perfumes like I did. Actually it is regrettable because wearing perfumes is one of the easiest ways to feel graceful even carrying a baby!  

Now I am very happy to present "Mom & me", my new perfume oil. This perfume is conceived especially for moms who want to be pampered by pleasant yet kid-friendly scents. It has been my long cherished idea to make a natural perfume that moms can wear without worry about their kids' health. Of course, like other Hexarom perfume oils, there is no secret about the ingredients used:

-Mandarine red
-Mandarin green
-True lavender

All the essential oils are European standard certified organic. Even though "Mom & me" is not supposed to be worn by babies or kids, it was important to select safe and high quality ingredients for kids as they must inhale their mom's perfume. 

Mom & me's delicate sweet citrus note with a hint of fine lavender is agreeable and relaxing for both moms and kids. This perfume is good as gift for moms for valentine day, birthday, baby shower, mother's day, etc. For more information, please check out the Mom & me page.