Hello, I am Kuniko, perfumer and founder of Hexarom. I have been so passionated about fragrance and aromatherapy that I created this holistic natural perfume brand.

All my perfumes are blended by hand by myself with small batch artisanal spirit. I only use natural botanical ingredients such as pure essential oils, CO2 extract, absolute, natural aromatic extracts from fruits or vegetable. There is no trace of synthetic chemical ingredients in my perfume oils. I also care a lot for the environment and our animal friends so I use as many certified organic ingredients as possible and  I don't use any animal related substances, of course, my products and the ingredients I use are neither tested on animal. My perfumes are completely vegan and animal cruelty free.

I called my products Holistic Natural Perfume because of my unique perfume creating approach. I undertake perfuming in an artistic-aesthetic way with scientifically proved aromatherapy methods. My perfumes effect holistically on wearer's sensibility, mind and spirit. This holistic style is a result of my olfactory experiences in different cultures.

I was born and raised in Japan where there is no culture of artificial scent and people are very sensitive and subtle sense of smell. Traditionally Japanese people, including me, cherish the pure natural subtle scents. I still remember the faint fragrance of incense covering my grandparents old house, the smell of the beginning of rain on the asphalt during the rainy season and the salty yet sweet sea breeze coming from seashore nearby my parents place. I got and developed a keen nose naturally.  

Later I discovered the "artistic" perfumes in Paris where people enjoy freely their sense of smell. Everyone has her/his favorite perfume no matter how old or young she/he is and people respect other's fragrance. They wear perfume so comfortably. I was really impressed how they are cultivated to know what perfume they feel good and go well with. I progressively appreciated this elegant fragrance culture like a "Parisienne" during the years I spent there.

After spending more than five years in this sophisticated French perfume world, my fate sent me to Cape Town in South Africa. My experiences there were also very rich. Discovery of the wild continent and different cultures, the deep connection of natural wild life…  My personal life changed too, like marriage, pregnancy and my son's birth all happened in the beautiful coastal town in the Western Cape. 

Then I profoundly realized that the importance of the environment and the nature around us which let as alive in this world. It was inevitable that my interests started to tend to natural eco-lifestyle. As it happens, I heard a lot about the aromatherapy those days and I experienced by myself how much natural botanical scents around make me feel good and how useful botanical essences are for our every day life. So I begun to study the British style aromatherapy which is related to essential oils with our feelings. I am a good self-taught learner. I learned how to use essential oils for relaxation and aesthetic reasons thanks to books, the internet, lots of documentation and the research and experimentation of many essential oils brands, I got a wide knowledge of this area.

When the time for me to go back to Europe came up, I landed at Belgium where many French aromatherapy school gurus offer professional training courses. I enjoyed to take advantage of that. It was interesting to learn scientifically how much essential oils influence our health. After  completing several professional aromatherapy courses, my approach to aromatherapy turned to a holistic way, combining this French school scientific aromatherapy and the British aesthetic and stress reducing aromatherapy. 

After the fruitful training period, getting also a diploma of life coach, I became aromatherapy instructor and coach. I used to have group lessons in which I taught my students how to use/blend essential oils in order to help their body and mind holistically. Also, I regularly held private coaching sessions.  At the end of each session, I offered every client a custom-made aroma blend which is helpful for the client's emotion and physics to confront the issues. Making bespoke blended aromatic oils for clients with 100% pure essential oils are the beginning of my journey of perfume creator.

While I used to love to wear French big brand perfumes, I became intolerant of these synthetic odors since I got interested in aromatherapy. It was unfortunate for me because wearing perfume was one of the ways I express myself.  Choosing a perfume for a day representing my current feeling was an enjoyable and important moment of the day. 

Then the idea of creating my original perfume line was born. As a perfume lover and an aromatherapy believer, I decided to create new style perfumes that bear exquisite scents and that help the wearers improve their state of mind, only using power of natural aroma essences from plants. 

I blend various highest quality essential oils and extracts from plants, smelling and comparing each of slightest different nuances, feeling their emotional and physical aromatherapy effects, following my intuition in an artistic and aesthetic way, and processing precisely each step like a chemist. Voila, my original holistic natural perfumes were born in 2013. 

You can find your favorite fragrances from Hexarom perfume oil line according to your feelings, your mood or the ideal image of yourself. Besides, you can be aware of your real feelings instantly if you choose one of the perfumes without deep thinking. I believe that the scents you like to wear represent somehow real yourself. So enjoy perfumes likely you among my holistic natural perfumes.