Hexarom presents holistic natural perfume oils :

-Mom & me

Gentle fragrance for moms (and for their little loved ones)

Type: Citrus, Sweet, Relaxing, Calming, Smooth, Unisexe, Feminine, Kids, Babies

- 愛 Amour

Rich and gorgeous floral fragrance with full of love 
Type: Spicy, Ginger, Floral, Jasmine, Rose, Love, Unisex, Feminine
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- 情熱 Passion

Perfume your piquant sensuality to your love 
Type: Spicy, Oriental, Floral, Exotic, Clove, Cinnamon, Ylang ylang, Sensual, Unisex, Masculine
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- 遊 Playful 
Yummy! Sweet and exotic spicy taste 

Type: Fruity, Gourmand, Exotic, Sweet, Unisex, Hipster
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- 和 Harmony 

Be harmonious with yourself and your environment

Type: Green floral, Fresh, Powderly, Unisex
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- 信 Confidence 

Boost your confidence and self-esteem

Type: Woodsy, Smokey, Earthy, Oriental, Unisex
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- 禅 Zen

Good for meditation, yoga, relaxing moments...

Type: Herby, Green, Clean, Meditating, Spiritual, Purifying, Centering, Soothing, Unisex