Q. What is "Holistic Natural Perfume" ?
- Our perfume oils are made of 100% natural ingredients in artisanal way. Furthermore, as our perfumer who has lots of experience aromatherapy field,  especially specialized in olfactotherapy, our perfume may bring aromatherapeutic effects on the wearers. So our perfumes which we call Holistic Natural Perfume make you feel sensuously and emotionally satisfied.

Q. Are all the ingredients natural ?
- Yes! All our perfume oils are made of natural aromatic raw material extracted from cultivated or wild plants. They are all therapeutic quality.

Q. Are your ingredients certified organic ?
- We use as many certified organic ingredients as possible and we specify certified organic ingredients used for each product on Catalog page. Our suppliers are mostly from Europe and their organic products are assured by European certified organic labels.

Q. Are your perfume oils really vegans ?
- Yes, all our aromatic materials and unscented base oil are from plants. We are also against animal testing, of course!

Q. How to use your perfume oils ?
- Our roll-on bottles are easy to use. They are handy size, so you can carry them everywhere you go and whenever you need you can put perfume on your skin. Apply them where you like such as on the wrists, the back of the elbows and knees, back of the ears, the chest etc.

Q. What is the concentration of your perfume oils ?
- Our perfume oils consists 15-30% concentration of aromatic materials.

Q. How long do your perfume oils last on my skin ?
- Usually it lasts 2-4 hours. However It may vary on your skin chemistry.

Q. What's the shelf life of your perfume oils ?
- Our perfume oils develop their scents progressively as time goes by. The oils are maturing in the bottle. You can keep the bottles as long as you like how it smells.

Q. I am pregnant. Can I use your perfume oils ? 
- You find the description of ingredients used for each oil on Catalog page. Some essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy. We would strongly advise you to ask your doctor.

Q. Is it normal that there is some sediment in the oil ?
- Yes, it is normal. Some of aromatic materials we use are not perfectly soluble in base oil. Shake well before using to disperse sediments.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions which are not described above. Thank you!