Holistic Natural Perfume

Smell beautiful, feel yourself 

Hexarom is a holistic natural perfumery that creates its original fragrance with 100% natural botanical ingredients.

Our perfumes are not only aesthetically and sensuously pleasant but also emotionally helpful thanks to these aromatherapeutic effects.

Our holistic natural perfumes are :

- Sympathetic

Our perfumes are made of therapeutic quality aromas and they subtlety act on your emotions and feelings.

The olfaction is deeply connected to memory and emotion. With knowledge of aromatherapy, especially olfactotherapy, our perfumes are blended applying the sense of smell to the pshyco-emotional development.

Each fragrance we create, having calming, balancing or stimulating effects, is helpful to improve your state of mind and enhance your well-being.

- Pure

Our perfumes are created only with botanical aromatic ingredients such as 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts. As carrier oil, pure vegetable oil is used. Our selections of aromatic essences are high-grade and mostly issued from certified organic agriculture otherwise they are wildcrafted.

Our perfumes are eco-friendly and vegan. There is no artificial synthetic chemicals nor animal related ingredient.

The pure natural ingredients consists innumerable molecules. So our perfumes bear pleasantly subtle and complex scents unlike synthetic fragrances.

Also, using authentic pure ingredients from plants can provide full of grate earthy powers that remind you essential qualities of life.

- Intimate

Natural ingredients work on individually. A natural perfume will not smell in the same way on each person. Even scents may change upon your emotional states or certain moments of your life. In this way, the natural perfumes can awaken and deliver another yourself.

The natural perfume develops delicately on your body. The scents are only enjoyable to you and your closed ones. It makes you feel special and privileged.

The smell of natural perfume lasts 2-4 hours in general and you can change your perfume according to your feeling and convenience even during a day. It will never hunt you or your cloth. Every time putting perfume on your body, you discover new unique scent.